Last updated April 20th, 2022

As part of the repair process, it may sometimes be necessary to re-format your computer’s internal or external hard disk drive(s) and/or to re-install your computer’s Microsoft Windows® or other operating system. Both of these procedures are carried out only as a last resort and after the engineer has attempted by all other means to diagnose and resolve the problem(s).

All data regarded as either required, important and/or critical should be backed up (saved to another hard disk drive or to removable media, for example, a CD or USB thumb drive) prior to any intended re-installation of Microsoft Windows® or the re-formatting of your computer’s internal or external hard disk drive(s).

Following successful re-formatting of the hard disk drive(s), all data will have been erased. Following successful re-installation of Microsoft Windows®, your computer will have been returned to “Factory Settings”, in other words, to the state it was in when it left the manufacturing facility.

Computer data can also be lost for a wide variety of other reasons, for example, problems affecting the computer’s internal or external hard disk drive(s), as a result of virus or spyware infections, due to corruption of data files and/or folders, etc. The only way in which you can effectively safeguard yourself against the risks associated with loss of data is to maintain a regular and systematic backup procedure. 

Customer Declaration

I understand that Worcester I.T. Services Limited will not accept any responsibility for loss of computer data or software, however caused, including any alleged loss sustained during an attempt at data recovery. I also confirm that if the computer’s Operating System is to be re-installed, I will provide the engineer with an original licensed Operating System disc and/or a valid Product Key. This does not apply in the case of Windows® 10 or Windows® 11, or where the original license key is embedded within the hardware of the device or linked to an online account.

By booking an on-site visit or collection of a device for repair, you confirm that you are authorised to make this declaration and that you are either the owner of the computer system or device or a duly authorised representative of the owner.

You agree that the effect of this document will continue and subtend in full for a period of one month from the date of acceptance or booking, in respect of any and all works carried out by Worcester I.T. Services Limited during that period.

Data Loss Disclaimer

12th March 2020