Broadband FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes.  You are welcome to place your order over the phone, however the setup of your Direct Debit mandate must be completed online to comply with financial regulations.

Our standard contract period / minimum term is 12 months unless otherwise stated on the products information page.

All broadband & telephone packages payments will be collected by Direct Debit through our partner payment processor GoCardless.  Payments will appear on your bank statement as GOCARDLESS – WORCESTERIT.  Please note: how this reference appears on your bank statements can vary depending on who you bank with.

Payments can be taken monthly or annually in advance.  If you choose to pay annually, you will receive 1 month free.

Once you have signed up with your chosen packages & completed the Direct Debit mandate setup, we will submit your order to our wholesale suppliers for processing.  Once they have completed their checks, they will allocate a date & time to install your new service – this usually takes no more than 48 hours.  We will then provide you with your confirmed installation date & time – either AM (08:00 – 12:00), or PM (13:00 – 17:00).

Once your order has been accepted by our wholesale partners, we will aim to get your service up and running within 14 days.  The install process usually takes 1 – 2 hours, however for more complicated installs this could be a little longer.  Please make sure someone over the age of 18 can be present on the day & throughout the installation.

If you have ordered a new line installation, an engineer will need access to the property on the day. You will be advised of the date & time to expect the engineer in advance of the visit.

If your service is migrating from another supplier, no access to the property is usually required.  In some cases an engineer visit may still be needed, however we will confirm in advance if this is the case.

Yes! If you prefer to use your own router/hardware, we can supply you with your broadband login details and settings.  Please bare in mind that only hardware supplied by us will be linked to our automated configuration & monitoring service, therefore if you choose not to use the router supplied by us, we will only be able to limited support in the event of any problems with the service.

Yes!  A single IPv4 & a /48 block of IPv6 static addresses are included with all packages.  We can supply additional IPv4 addresses if required – please get in touch.

No.  We do not apply any traffic management or port throttling on our network, nor do we restrict access to any particular ports or websites, including torrent or news servers etc. 

Depending on your location, your new router & any other hardware will either be delivered by courier, or one of our own delivery drivers.

We always endeavour to deliver your new hardware in advance, or on the day of your service installation or activation. 

On rare occasions this may not be possible, & we cannot be held liable in the event of a late delivery due to courier failures or other external factors such as bad weather.

For details on how to connect your new router, please download our Router Quick Installation Guide.

All Worcester I.T. Services supplied hardware comes with a 12 month warranty from the day of service activation.

The warranty will be void in the event of damage caused by;
Flood, fire, humidity, spillage, or damage caused by physical interference whether accidental or on purpose e.g. broken casing, cigarette burns, or if the casing has been opened in anyway.

You can update your details via the Customer Account Portal or by contacting us via one of the advertised methods with the details you need changing.

If you need to update your billing or payment details, please contact us via one of the methods published on our website.

If you are moving home to a property that we are able to offer you service at, we will move your services without any early cancellation fees, provided you place a new order and be bound to the current terms and conditions and new minimum contract period.  You will be required to pay the installation fee if your new property has not previously had the service installed.

If you are moving home or premises, and we cannot offer you service at your new address, we will release you from the minimum contract period provided you supply us with evidence of the move, and, at our discretion, return any hardware within 14 days.

If you are moving to a property we are able to offer service at, but choose not to place a new order, early cancellation charges will apply as per section 6.1 in our terms & conditions.


If you have a question that isn't covered here, please do not
hesitate to get in touch and we'll be happy to help!