Last updated Date: April 02, 2023   

Effective Date: April 02, 2023


1 Orders, Installation and Customer Equipment

1.1 Your order – Placing an order via our website, telephone, or in person with a sales representative is a request from you, for us, to deliver the services ordered to the address you have requested. Us accepting your order via an order confirmation email does not guarantee or create a contractual obligation for us to deliver the services. Both you and us have the right to cancel an order.

1.2 Your right to cancel an order – You may cancel your order within 14 days from the day on which you receive your order confirmation email as long as your service has not been installed/activated.  If you have agreed to an installation date within 14 days of your order confirmation and your service is successfully activated, you will no longer have the right to cancel and your minimum contract term will begin immediately.  If more than 14 days have passed, but your service has not been installed or activated, you may still cancel your order. In order to cancel an order, please contact us via the usual methods published on our website.

1.3 Our right to cancel an order – We may cancel your order at any time and for any reason. We will let you know the reasons why we are cancelling your order.

1.4 Installation – If you do not already have our network provider’s fibre inside your property then we will arrange for our network provider to install it. You will need to sign a wayleave to allow the installation. Installation falls into one of two categories:

Standard installation – Most properties are included in the standard installation category for which there are no additional costs to those advertised when you placed your order.  When we contact you to book the installation, we may ask a series of questions to ascertain whether your property is likely to qualify as a standard installation.  What qualifies as a standard installation varies depending on the network provider we are using to connect your property.

Non-standard installation – If your property appears from our assessment to be non-standard, we will arrange for a free of charge site survey.  Once this is complete, we will detail to you whether the installation is standard or non-standard.  If non-standard we will present you with a quotation for connecting your property.  You have the opportunity to reject the costs and cancel your order penalty free.

1.5 Installation dates / lead-times – No guarantees are made on the date of installation for service activation.  Occasionally installations may require more than one visit.  We will keep you up to date with information from our network provider.  We recommend you do not cancel any existing services until the installation has been completed and your service has been fully activated.

1.6 Network provider equipment – Our network provider will need to install into your property equipment such as fibre optic cabling and a network termination point and will ask you to sign a way leave to agree the installation prior to starting any work.  All such equipment remains the property of the installing network provider.  If you cause any damage to the network providers equipment, whether by accident or on purpose, there may be a charge to replace and / or repair the damage caused in order to reinstate your service.  If you do not agree to the charge, your payment obligation remain in place, even if you are unable to use the service.

1.7 Worcester I.T. Services Limited provided customer equipment – As part of your service we will ordinarily provide you with a router, and / or other additional equipment such as Wi-Fi extenders.  All such equipment remains the property of Worcester I.T. Services Limited. We may ask you to return it to us, if your services are cancelled.  All hardware is guaranteed for a period of 12 months from the date of delivery.  Any hardware faults or failures which are deemed to be due to a manufacturing defect will be replaced free of charge within the 12 month guarantee period. If you cause any damage whether by accident or on purpose, there may be a charge to replace and / or repair the damage caused in order to reinstate your service. If you do not agree to the costs, your payment obligation remains in place, even if you are unable to use the service.  If you are unable to return the equipment to us or require a replacement due to breakage the following charges will apply:

Main Router: £80.00
Extender Units: £70.00

2 Minimum Contract Period & Service Activation

2.1 Minimum contract period – All of our services have a minimum contract period advertised when you placed your order and shown in your order confirmation email.  This period starts from the date your service is activated.

2.2 Service activation date – The date of your service activation and start of the minimum contract period depends on whether it’s a new installation, or activating an existing installation:

New installations – If your order requires a new fibre installation, this will be installed and tested by our network provider. Once the installation has been completed successfully, any equipment provided by us will be dispatched to you.  Your service will be activated and the minimum contract period begins on the date the delivery driver attempts its first delivery.

Existing installations – If your order can be activated using fibre already installed, we will agree a date of service activation with you and this will be confirmed via email. The minimum contract period begins on this date. Any equipment provided by us will be dispatched to you in advance.

3 Internet Service

3.1 Bandwidth – The bandwidth or ‘speed’ advertised at signup, is the average, available to at least 50% of our customers, at peak time, via a wired ethernet connection. The service is contended which means multiple customers share the same bandwidth and you may not be able to achieve the advertised speed at all times.  The internet is a shared resource and speed of connection can fluctuate and be affected by many different factors; including but not limited to, the service on the internet you are connecting to, congestion on network equipment outside of our control, local Wi-Fi, wiring or device performance.  If you are consistently unable to achieve at least 50% of the advertised speeds, via a wired ethernet connection, to a speed test server we nominate, and we have ruled out any issues with your equipment by following our speed testing guidance, we will endeavour to fix this within 30 days or it will be regarded as a fault per section 3.5.

3.2 Wi-Fi bandwidth and coverage – Due to the technological nature of Wi-Fi, we cannot guarantee any particular bandwidth, speed, coverage or stability via Wi-Fi – although we will help to optimize our equipment to your environment where possible.  If you are experiencing slow speeds, downloads or drop outs via Wi-Fi, we will ask you to try via a wired ethernet connection first.  Wi-Fi performance is not regarded as a fault with your service.

3.3 Mesh Wi-Fi – Due to technological nature of Wi-Fi, we cannot guarantee any particular, bandwidth, speed, coverage or stability via the mesh Wi-Fi system – although we will help to optimize our equipment to your environment where possible.  With the above considered if you have ordered our optional mesh Wi-Fi mesh system and it does not meet your needs, you are welcome to return it to us within 30 days of the service activation date and we will credit your account with any amount already billed for the mesh Wi-Fi service and remove it from your account.  This will not affect your internet or digital landline services and the minimum contract period for those parts of your service will remain in place.

3.4 Your equipment – We are not responsible if you are not able to use our services because your equipment – for example, any PC, mobile device, network interface card, printers, switches, local area network, telephone handsets or other equipment does not work properly, is not compatible with our service, does not conform to the relevant standard or does not meet the minimum specifications required to achieve the advertised speeds.  We are only able to provide technical support for equipment supplied by us under the scope of your monthly subscription.  At our discretion and with prior booking, we are able to provide technical support for equipment not supplied by us, including support for any connected devices such as PC’s, laptops, mobile phones and tablets.  This service is not covered by your monthly subscription and will be chargeable at our standard rates.  Prices are available on request.

3.5 Faults – We cannot guarantee fault free performance.  We endeavour to fix a fault with your service or our network within two working days for residential packages, and one working day for business packages with critical care.  If we are not able to do so, you may request a credit to your next bill for the time our service is unavailable to you from after the 1 or 2 working day period to the time service is restored.  We are not responsible for any costs you incur as a result of our service being unavailable.  If you have requirements for a uninterrupted service, please ensure you have adequate other means of accessing any required services.

3.6 Privacy – We will monitor your internet connection to identify faults and outages of your service.  We will monitor your bandwidth usage.  We do not monitor the details of the content, websites or services you connect to.

4 Digital Landline Service

4.1 Usage – You are responsible for the usage of your digital landline service and must ensure those that use it have your permission.

4.2 Call charges – it is your responsibility to check the cost of all calls and whether they would be included in your call package before dialling.  If you are unsure whether a call will be included in your plan, you may contact us via the advertised methods.  Any charges outside of your package, for example premium rate, or international calls will appear itemised on your bill for that period.

4.3 Customer telephone wiring – The telephone socket on the back of the provided router or analogue telephone adapter (ATA) is our telephone service handover point.  Distributing the phone service within your home for example to multiple extension points is your responsibility.

4.4 Telephone number porting (transfer) – When you order our digital landline service, we will ask you if you wish to port your existing telephone number to us.  Whilst we are able to port most numbers, there may be some providers we are not able port from.  If this is the case, we will offer you an alternative new number or give you the option to cancel your order for the digital landline service.  This will not affect your internet or other services and the minimum contract term for those parts of your service will remain in place.

4.5 Number porting cancellations or incorrectly supplied data – If you ask us to cancel a port request after we have submitted it, the fee of £20.00 will still be applied to your account.  If you provide us with incorrect information or the information you provide does not match the details held by your current supplier, your port request may be rejected by the network operator and the porting fee of £20.00 will still apply.  For any subsequent port requests you ask us to submit, an additional fee of £20.00 per request will be applied to your account.  All porting charges are non-refundable once the request has been submitted, except in cases where the number is not eligible to be transferred as determined by our suppliers.

4.6 Talk Unlimited – Our Talk Unlimited digital landline service has a fair usage policy. The service is designed for residential use only and should not be used for any other purposes. Unlimited calls are to major UK mobiles, and UK geographic numbers only.  If you are unsure whether a number you wish to call is included within your package you should follow the guidance in section 4.2.  If you artificially or deliberately inflate your call volume, or in our reasonable opinion your usage is excessive, we may contact you to advise a reduction in usage.  We reserve the right to terminate your service if your usage remains at an unacceptable level.

4.7 Privacy – We will log the details of calls to and from your digital landline service for the purposes of billing you correctly.  We will log the date, time, and telephone numbers associated with the call.  We will not record or otherwise store any audio content or key tones/presses of the call.  We are required by Ofcom regulations to register your telephone number, account holders name and the service address with the 999-emergency database for the purpose of emergency services locating you in an emergency.

4.8 Emergency Services call availability – Your telephone service is reliant on mains power and an active internet connection in order to make telephone calls.  If mains power or your internet connection fails, you will be unable to make telephone calls.  You should ensure you have an alternative means to contact emergency services, for example a mobile phone.

5 Payments & Billing

5.1 Billing – Once your service has been activated your bill will be sent to you monthly via email. You will be billed for your services one calendar month in advance. If the bill contains newly activated services, we will pro rata the service from the activation date to the end of the billing period plus any applicable setup or installation fees for that service. If you are on one of our digital landline services, your bill will detail a record of your calls, and any out of bundle call costs made in the month prior to the billing date.

5.2 Payments – Payments will be taken via Direct Debit each month in accordance with the Direct Debit mandate.  Direct Debits are taken on or just after 14 days from the date your bill is issued.

5.3 Failed payments – If your direct debit payment is unsuccessful, we will try to collect the payment again up to a maximum of two times. If your Direct Debit is cancelled without a replacement being put in place, we may ask you to make a debit or credit card payment to bring your account up to date within 5 working days of the failed collection attempt.  If payment is not made within 5 working days, a missed payment fee of £10.00 will be applied to your account and we reserve the right to suspend your service until the outstanding balance is received.

5.4 Non-Payment – If you do not make a payment to your account within 30 days of a failed collection, we reserve the right to permanently terminate your service, and bill you the full amount due for all services until the end of the minimum contract period.  We may pass this debt onto a debt collection agency, or pursue the amount from you thorough the UK legal system.

6 Cancellations

6.1 Early cancellation – Cancellation of your service before the minimum contract period requires a notice period of 30 calendar days, and will result in an early cancellation charge equal to the same amount you would have paid until the end of the minimum contract period.  The exception to this is if you move to a new property and we are unable to provide the same or better service at your new address.  In this case, we may ask for proof of your move and upon receipt of any returnable hardware, release you from the minimum contract period.

6.2 Cancellation after the minimum contract period – Cancellations of your service past the minimum contract period require a 30 calendar day notice period.  You may start this process before the minimum contract period ends.  To cancel your services, please contact us via the methods published on our website.

6.3 Moving home or premises – If you are moving home or premises, and we cannot offer you service at your new address, we will release you from the minimum contract period provided you supply us with evidence of the move, and, at our discretion, return any hardware within 14 days.  If you are moving home to a property we are able to offer you service at, we will move your services without any early cancellation fees, provided you place a new order and be bound to the current terms and conditions and new minimum contract period.  If you are moving to a property we are able to offer service at, but choose not to place a new order, early cancellation charges per section 6.1 will apply.

6.4 Our right to cancel – We reserve the right to cancel your service(s) and terminate your service at any time and for any reason.  If you have already paid for the service in advance, we will offer a pro rata refund for the amount paid based on the date(s) the service was received until.  We may ask you to return our equipment.  If you do not the charges in section 1.6 will apply.

7 Service Price Changes

7.1 Within the minimum contract period – The service pricing is fixed during the minimum contract period, to those that were advertised at the time your order was placed.  This does not apply if there are any changes to the UK VAT rate, as per section 7.3.  Out of bundle call charges are not included in this guarantee, and are subject to period review.

7.2 Past the minimum contract period – Past the minimum contract period services pricing may change at any time.  We will provide at least 45 days’ notice of any changes to give you opportunity to cancel your services with us.

7.3 Changes to the UK VAT rate – As we are not VAT registered, all of our indicated prices are not subject to VAT.  Any changes to the VAT rate from the UK government after ordering or service activation will be passed on to the you and are not included in our no mid-contract price rises advertisement.

8 Complaints

8.1 Complaints – If you are not happy with any aspect of our service, in the first instance please contact us via the methods published on our website.  We will endeavour to deal with your complaint as quickly and efficiently as possible.

8.2 Complaint escalation – If we have initially been unable to rectify your complaint you may escalate it by following our complaints escalation process.

9 Credit Checks & Credit Reporting

9.1 Credit Checks & Credit Reporting – When you place an order, we may run a credit check by sharing your personal details and address with a credit reference agency.  We reserve the right to cancel your order based on the information provided by the credit reference agency without explanation.

10 Acceptance

10.1 Terms and conditions acceptance – By placing an order via our website, telephone, or in person with a sales representative, you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions which were presented to you at the time of ordering and emailed to you shortly afterwards as part of your order confirmation email.

Broadband Terms & Conditions

2nd April 2023